Ramesh’s Big Birthday

This weekend, Ramesh (Bro Number 3 in our gang, and often called Chota Guru, as he is known to shower everyone with wisdom he attained from some of the spiritual leaders he follows, if one talks to him for more than a minute) celebrated his 50th Birthday amidst Vedic rituals.  He disrupted the usual way of celebrating the big day, by opting traditional route for important mile-stone in his life.

Ramesh and Ashwini arranged for tail gate event preceding to the big day, by inviting Dr. P Srinivas Rao who is Grand Child of legendary MS Rama Rao who recited Hanuman Chalisa and most importantly written and recited Sundarakanda which we all (if you are also born few decades ago) listened on All India Radio, and still being played in all the temples, specially during major festival seasons.

Sundarakanda recital happened over the period of 7-days at his home.  I could only attend the 7th day and got serenaded by melodious hymns and felt blessed.  On the day 8, he performed celestial wedding of Sita and Rama, amidst close friends and family at a temple, which we have been visiting for few decades, and which was just few blocks away from our ancestral home.  Browse below clips, you want to listen to Sundarakanda recitals which happened at Ramesh and Ashwini residence.









At Ramesh and Ashwini Home – 7th Day of Sundarakanda Recital
with Dr. P Srinivas Rao – Grandson of Legendary MS Rama Rao


Best Friends – Ramesh and Sambamurthy
Adorable Chintala Kids, who are currently in India



Best Friends – Ramesh and Sambamurthy
Suresh waiting eagerly for his 50th
Adorable Cousins – Akshaya and Shreya


Suresh in his trademark humour


Ramesh and Ashwini in Bliss
Ramesh in Bliss
Sundarakanda Recital
Lord Hanuman Abhishekam
Adorable Cousins – Akshaya and Aniketh

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