Soul Food This Week

What’s common between Taco Bell, Chettinad Cuisine, legendary Dosa from Bangalore Vidyarthi bhavan, Cheese fondue from Hyderabad’s Jonathan, amazing mango panakam (puree) served with hot chilli bajjis, South Indian Filter Coffee, and Hyderabad Tie Biscuilt ? . Don’t struggle your brain too much. There isn’t much common between, except that, above varieties of cuisine and delicacies touched my soul this week and got featured in the weekend blog. OK, OK, I wouldn’t consider Taco Bello food exactly as a delicacy 🙂
I started the week with a day trip to Bangalore and noticed that our Bangalore Innominds office is just a few blocks away from popular legacy food joint (whose menu and setup did not change in 70 years, Vidhyarthi Bhavani. So, I finally stopped by after planning it for last 10 years, to experience no frills Vada, Idli, and Dosa.
Yesterday night, we stopped by Taco Bell (latest fast food, aka junk food joint, to open in Hyderabad) and did what many Hyderabadis like me do, i.e., diligently check out all the new places in town (and possibly won’t visit that place ever again, unless they deserve it). As a student in US during early 1990, Taco Bell was one of my favorite eat out places (because it was inexpensive) but haven’t been to that place in last 15 years, after getting used to real formal Mexican cuisine at fine dining places. However, we did our ritual visiting Taco Bell place yesterday evening, to check out how Tacos are being served in Hyderabad,
Today, Radhika hosted Innominds mgmt. team and the families for a organic home cooked lunch and serenaded us with delicacies, specially first edition of Summer 2018’s Mango Panakam seamlessly integrated hot bajjis
I always wondered why Hyderabad famous Tie Biscuit is called as Tie Biscuit, until yesterday night, when I meditatively observed it. See the pic for the answer. Earlier, I had thought, it’s Tea Biscuit misspelt as Tie Biscuit.
Legendary Dosa at Bangalore’s Vidyarthi Bhavan
Vada Chutney
One of the best filter coffee in South Inda
Stack of Dosa. He remembers exactly, whom to deliver one
Cheettinad Thali
Home Made Mango Panakam with Bajjis
No Frills Lunch at Home
Green Tea from Starbucks
Cheese Fondue at Jonathan’s (Gachibowli, Hyderabad)
Taco Bell now in Hyderabad inside Punjagutta Galleria Mall


Taco Party – 10 Tacos + Pticher of Pepsi for INR 549. Not a bad deal
Taco Party Gang – Chintala Kids
Paradise Tie Biscuit

Lunch at our home with Innominds Team


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