Divya’s Baby Shower

Divya Chintala, first kid in our 2nd generation chintala clan, (and whose endearing love story was blogged by me 7 years ago),  along with Vipin, parents Srinivas Rao Chintala and Chintala Nagadevi, grand parents, announced ‘soon to be arriving 3rd generation kid’ in the family, amidst very close friends and family.
Divya spent good amount of effort in planning the decoration for the venue, several month ahead of the event, and it is very obvious from the pics below, and the entire place looked very dreamy.  They left few clues around the venue, to reveal the gender of the kid, and only few could notice and crack the clues.   Yes,  food was just amazing.
I used the opportunity to get my photoshoot for the upcoming article in the CIO magazine (scroll all the way to the end to see those pics)
Yes, my gadgets are eagerly waiting to record memories for soon to be arriving new kid in the family.
My own Photoshoot, to be used for the upcoming CIO Magazine article 🙂
Sai PIc 1Sai PIc 2Sai PIc 3Sai PIc 4Sai PIc 5RS8_2848.JPG

2 thoughts on “Divya’s Baby Shower

  1. Great write up Sai garu,

    I have become a big fan of yours ever since I started reading your blogs and follow your pics on FB.

    As always these give me positive vibes and inspiration to lead life your way.

    Happy blogging…

    Best regards, Keerti Thota

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