Big Wedding in the Family – Shravya and Sharan ties the knot !!

Yesterday evening, all roads led to Shree Convention center in Kompally, specially for our family and friends, to be part of most colorful event of the decade in our family, as Shravya Suresh Chintala and Sharan Gumedelly tied the knot at 7:43PM, amidst so many friends, family members, colleagues, co-workers, business associates, business partners, neighbors, well-wishers, and more.

We all of us knew Groom’s Dad Gumedelly Suresh Babu and family for more than 4 decades, as we were neighbors a few decades ago. Hence both Bride and Groom informally knew each other and met at common family events or ran into each other at movies and malls, but never formally introduced or met, but both were on common social media networks. When both families proposed a wedding alliance, both groom and bride immediately said BIG YES, about 6 months ago.

It appeared they were already great buddies and soul mates, the way they participated in the wedding rituals. They seemed to have lots of fun, and the same with folks around them. 75% of guests belonging to Bride and Groom were common, so it appeared like a really large family and friend reunion.

Overall great closure for several months long events.  One thing that I have seen unique in this wedding was “OWNERSHIP”. I noticed at least 100 folks felt this wedding is their family wedding, i.e., the wedding of their sister, brother, daughter, son, granddaughter, grandson, and behaved and walked around with pride and comfort and excitement. definitely, Shravya and Sharan are both blessed to be part of such wedding and a happy ending to entire Chintala and Gumedelly family

WhatsApp Image 2018-12-05 at 00.07.15

The Big Wedding Stage
Our Big Family


Lord Balaji at the Entrance
Entry to the wedding hall


Perfect Bride
Perfect Groom

60-second clip highlighting beautiful moments from Shravya and Sharan wedding few days ago. I was super busy meeting and bonding with so many guests, so hardly had time to capture any clips on my camera. Here are few key moments that I could view on the stage, which captures beauty and tradition of Indian weddings.

Revanth, Radhika, and Aniketh
Sisters’ Family


Chintala 2.0 with Alfie
Outside the venue, waiting for Groom


Sharan Chintala
Green Acres Farm Venky
Big Brothers Family
Anusha Chintala – To Be Soon Bride in the family
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Divya and Vipin, with our Parents


Aniketh and one of his many poses


With our In-Laws
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Ramesh, Ashwini and Kids


Biggest Wedding Banquet after big Indian Wedding, with over 100 close family and friends being dined together ‘big family style’ at 1AM in the morning (after hosting few thousand guests), along with Shravya and Sharan, while delicious food with over 100 different choices (some of them are super uber fusion items which were never tried before) serenaded by Nimantran Catering crew. I wish we all had appetite to enjoy 1/3rd of those items 

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