Making of Indian Bride – Beautiful Indian Pre-Wedding Event

It has begun today, the 5-day series of pre-wedding events. Today it’s The Making of Beautiful Bride Shravya Suresh Chintala​ event (actually translation of telugu word, Pelli Pillanu Cheyadam). Close family members visits the Bride’s home, showers her with early wedding gifts and bless her for great new beginning, followed by many beautiful rituals.

Sharadha Chintala​ had insisted that all men wear IKKATH themed shirts, and women wear yellow. Almost 90% of the folks adhered to the theme, causing a collage of amazing pics.

I just spent few hours at the event, as it’s a working day for me, but I have thoroughly enjoyed the Beautiful Indian Pre-Wedding event. Lots of camaraderie and laughter at the event, with meet-up of so many family members. After a long time, 100% of Chintala family is at one place, thanks to those who travelled from US.

Women in Yello


Beautiful Bride – Shrayva



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