Guava Ice-cream – Topped with Chilli Powder

Last weekend, me and kids stopped by brand new ice-cream place in town, Apsara. We actually had gone for dinner at Smoky Pitara. While waiting for other guests, we noticed this swanky place (as it was in the same building), hence decided to check it out. Signage inside the place indicated ice-creams are 100% veg and made in traditional wooden sanchas and made with real fruits and no artificial ingredients.

We tried couple of items. One of them was Guava loaded ice-cream. They topped it with chilli powder 🙂 similar to how Guava is served in India, nicely sliced and topped with chilli powder. Surprisingly it tasted real good and was addictive. Chilli powder on an ice-cream. Only possible in India 🙂


One thought on “Guava Ice-cream – Topped with Chilli Powder

  1. Interesting combo of ice cream with spices…I have tried garlic ice cream…makes me wanna try this one now!


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