Family Camping @ GreenAcres B&B Farm

Yesterday I took Shiri Vooturi and Raj Vooturi who descended from Dallas, and rest of the gang including Radhika Chintala Revanth Chintala Aniketh Chintala Rohan Bodla Rithesh, Prakash, Renuka, and our in-laws. 

It was first camping experience for most in the family, which included campfire with songs and games, ultra fun dumb charades, late night chatting, early morning meditations and sun salutations, brushing with neem sticks, chai with fresh milk, clean air, clear view of zillion stars, interaction with live stock, and more.

Coincidentally, we were the first guests of the Venky Talla‘s GreenAcres B&B, and in a way beta tested the facility. Everyone in the family loved the experience of being in bliss amidst nature, and camping around one of the few green patches around Bhongir.

Here is more feedback and highlights on our stay.

  • For young NRI kids, interaction with live stock was interesting and educative. Also, witnessing plantation of various fruits was also fun.  See the snaps below
  • For Adults: At first, they were vowed by the efforts you have put in, and amazed to see that this is one of the few dense vegetation zones around that place.   They felt, it took so much effort to travel for a day here, and what it would have taken for you to come here every week for last 15 years.
  • They loved the calmness, serenity, design and cleanliness of the farm house. There were amazed to see almost no mosquitoes in the farm house.  However, they freaked out with frogs and lizards
  • Teens enjoyed board games, carrom board game, and basketball games.  In-Laws loved Manakala / Vangandla peetha / pallanguzhi board game
  • Campfire was one of the highlights, anthakshari songs event in front of the fire, and being served by hot chai by Caretakers was a treat. When the lights were turned off, everyone gasped to see zillion stars in the clear sky
  • Within the house, entire family played Dumb Charades, which was the most fun event at the camping. Poori and Alu Curry served for dinner was pretty neat and everyone gulped it without saying a word
  • Next morning, most took the walk around the Farm. Someone wanted to leave early at 9AM, but none in the gang left, until we all checked out.  They felt the place and peace was addictive
  • Caretakers plucked the flowers for Radhika’s guru Pooja. They also arranged the flowers on a plate in the shape of Brathukamma which inspired women to dance around it
  • Caretakers and Chefs, Laxman and Shobha behaved as if they were taking care of farm and guest for a long time, though it was first time experience for them. They were cooperative, friendly, and served with a smile.  All families tipped them generously, so that they will continue to do a good job, and take care of future guests
  • As we checked out of the place, everyone profusely thanked me for the idea, and thanked you for your contribution for greener planet via farm initiative. They recommended me to double the initially committed contribution for the stay
Overall, everyone was glad that we got an opportunity to stay together amidst nature, which allowed us to bond once again.
If you are interested in staying at Green Acres, contact Venky Talla @ +91 99490 69681. Scroll below for Google Link.
 Experiencing Bliss at the Farm.  Aerial view of the farm house





Our favorite family game, desi fusion of Dumb Charades with Movie Titles as the theme



Age old Mankala / Vanagandal Peetha Game, with Venky trying to fusion the Sustainable Living Theme



Niha and Shriyan Dribbling outside the farm house





Shiri learned that her younger kid Shriyan is upset as he is not getting a chance to play carroms, and was approaching to cajole him.  I followed her to capture cute candid moment, and created the clip with a classic song from GUNDAMMA KATHA movie

My Mom-In-Law created traditional decoration with floors, which inspired all the girls to give an ode to Telengana ritual, Brathukamma dance.

Welcome by Venky Talla
Kids experiencing Farm Plantation
Farm Tour
Farm Tour

WhatsApp Image 2017-12-26 at 10.25.51WhatsApp Image 2017-12-26 at 10.25.49

WhatsApp Image 2017-12-26 at 10.25.40
Interaction with LIVE Stock
WhatsApp Image 2017-12-26 at 10.25.39
Interaction with LIVE Stock
Flowers from the Farm
Fascinated by legacy vessels
20th Century Grinder to make indian spices, and dough too
Gooseberries from the Farm
Fascination with swing


Check-in @ Farm
100-year old Front Door
Evening Games
Venky sharing story of his Farm
Manakala Game


Farm Cooked Dinner
Camp Fire and Singing
Morning Flowers
Guru Pooja
Good Bye to the Farm



Twilight View
Here is the Google Maps Link:

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