GreenAcres Bed and Breakfast Farm

Early evening today, we had an early peak to Venky’s B&B which is pretty much now open for business. Here are few pics from today’s meet-up, mostly consisting of JNTU friends. Here is the write-up by Venky on the highlights of Bed and Breakfast with a unique concept. .I am sure to stay our extended family and friends very soon here

GreenAcres B&B (Bed and Breakfast)

The GreenAcres B&B is probably the first of its kind housing structure in Telangana. Inspired by the traditional architecture of ‘Manduva Logili or illu’ of south India or the ‘Haveli’ of north India, the B&B is a decagonal shaped house with a large open courtyard in the middle with a huge neem tree on one side of it. The house is nestled in the middle of a 10 acre natural farm and food forest.

It was our aim to make the building as eco-friendly, natural and energy efficient as possible despite the scarce availability of local skill and materials. All of the wood used in the building is from houses torn down that are centuries old. Some of the wood is repurposed to make all the furniture. The bricks and 75% of all the materials are locally sourced.

The flooring is done using local Tandur stone that keep your feet cool during summers and warm during winters. In our opinion it is one of the most functional and elegant buildings of our current times. The construction methods were both cost effective and environment friendly. It may very well qualify as a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified green building but we want the building to do all the talking and not a certificate.

The idea behind high sloping roof and sufficient cross ventilation is to never have the requirement for air conditioning. Design principles make the stay in the house comfortable by using a simple fan. The vegetation around the building would keep the ambient temperature a notch down during hot days and also act as a sink for CO2. The building is designed in a way to ensure maximum daylight exposure thereby reducing artificial lighting consumption. The building uses energy efficient LED lights and BLDC fans.

Inspired by Laurie Baker’s architecture the building uses exposed brick masonry with inherent thermal insulation created by rat trap bond. It uses solar water heating and generates captive energy to make the building carbon neutral. The carbon footprint is near zero if not zero. It recycles all of its waste and harvests rain water. The structure has been built keeping in mind a holistic approach to sustainability and sustainable living.

As the saying goes ‘Seeing is believing’ we welcome you to visit and enjoy the unique experience of a Farm stay at GreenAcres.


Anita Talla
JNTU Gang – Class of 1988
JNTU Gang – Class of 1988


Reddy and Dakshina
Reddy, Konda, and Dakshina


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