Maiden Flight to Shirdi

Due to the circumstances beyond my imagination, and blessings of Saibaba, and long term devotional planning of Suresh Kumar (my younger brother, who is an intense Sai devotee, and was dreaming on to be the first flight to Shirdi), I had become the first person to get the boarding pass issued for maiden flight, amidst entire AI crew. Folks at the airport exclaimed, to see someone with name ‘Sai as the first passenger. I am thrilled to be part of the exclusive 5-member passenger team (all part of my extended family, including Suresh, Sharadha, Anitha, Ramesh) to fly AI 9869, which is the first commercial flight tin India to land in Shirdi International airport, which was inaugurated by President of India today, ahead of beginning centenary celebrations.

We have experienced the exclusive personalized attention and services from AI crew from fast track check-in, boarding, in-flight service, landing at the airport, welcome at Shirdi, etc. Everyone in the Shirdi town seems to be excited about this landmark event of airport being open, and the first flight.   Even the cabbie company that is supposed to pick us up welcomed with us the garlands. Everyone at the temple, greeted us with special regards, for being the first set of passengers and extended us special consideration

Highlight of the journey included melodious and blissful Sai Bhajans from Suresh, in the mid air at 10000ft and while the flight was touching down. Just listen to song attached below or via URL in the blog, to experience intensity of his devotion to Sai. Also see the video to experience what we have experience, as Suresh became the first person to put foot on sacred land from the maiden flight.

Thanks to entire AI crew, who are listed in the pics, which gave us the warm welcome. Thanks to Suresh and Ramesh and their impressive list of contacts helped me get VVIP darshan for Dhoop Arathi. Thanks to Sudhakar Pennam, who encouraged me to read Sai Satcharitra to attract miracles and blessings in life

Sai Bhajans by Suresh on the flight



AI Crew – Captain and Air Hostesses
Complete AI Crew of the Maiden Flight
First Boarding Pass
Suresh and Sharadha
Ramesh and Anita
Complete 5-Member Passengers
5-Member Bus


Touch Down in Shiridi


Touch Down in Shiridi


Baba at Shiridi Airport


Welcome at Shiridi

3 thoughts on “Maiden Flight to Shirdi

  1. Hi,
    Very nice detailed experience. I am flying to shirdi soon. Are there taxis or rickshaws available at the airport?

    Jai sai ram


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