ATV Adventure in Bali

Aniketh suggested that we do ATV ride in Bali. Almost every shop in Bali promotes tourism and sells related services. We stopped at a kiosk nearby during our first day evening walk, where we found ATV adventure price was listed as $90. It took few minutes of negotiation to cut down the price to $45/person. This price includes pick-up from Kuta, drive us to Mountain region for about 2 hrs, 2 hours of ATV ride amidst thick plantation and rugged terrain, small lunch, and drop us back at the hotel. INR 3000 is easily a great deal for the fun that we experienced.

As you can see from the photos, ATV activity was super awesome. It wasn’t easy, and yet wasn’t too hard too.   Setup looked as if we are in the war zone, and at a same time in serene environments too. Guides were quite cheeky and friendly. They recorded our entire experience on their Canon and GoPro from strategic locations, without which it would have been impossible to capture below pics and video. I definitely recommend this as TOP THING to do, if you happen to be in Bali.

PS: Sound track for the video suggested by Revanth and Aniketh, not my idea 🙂


Briefing on how to use ATV


Final Good Bye Pic !!

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