The “Originals” Reunion

Ashwin, Raj, Raju and I spent over a decade with AppLabs from its formation years through the origination of “Independent Testing Phenomenon”, and successful wrap-up with CSC.   Thanks to an impromptu plan, we all met at Raju’s home yesterday evening.   It was a good meet-up through the night, without an agenda, savoring memories of the past, optimism of the future, enjoying delicacies from Hello Curry, listening to Ashwin’s music who immediately created a tune based on hit private Album “Neeve” (with which we were all obsessed, thanks to music,  choreography, visuals, camera work, and more), enjoyed Nayan’s drum beats (Raju’s elder kid) who is on the way to become a serious drummer.

Early morning at 4AM, we scoured Hi-tech city area for street food, and enjoyed fresh Karam Podi dosa and fluffy Idli’s at 4:30AM, and called it a night at 5AM.  Check out visuals, pics, and videos at commemorative weekend reunion blog.

One of a kind Reunion


Nayan Bhupathi Raju’s Drum Beats !!

Neeve Video Album


Ashwin Practice Piano Tune of Neeve songs


Raju and Nayan
Talent Young Drummer – Nayan Bhupathi Raji
Welcome Kit by Raju, and Books gifted by Ashwin
Nayan doing Jam session at THE HUG INNOVATION’s Office
Raju and Nayan
Nayan doing Jam session at THE HUG INNOVATION’s Office

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