Dakshina’s Big Birthday

Me and Dayakar Rao made a surprise visit to our college buddy Dakshina Murthy Kakunuri’s office , and celebrated his landmark 50th birthday event at his sprawling office campus “Centre of Good Governance” on Road Number 25, where he and his team builds software which is used by multiple state governments, and which makes e-governance a reality. As expected, Dakshina was visibly thrilled by our surprise visit.  We celebrated his birthday amidst his lovable colleagues in his office.

DM gave a detailed tour of the sprawing campus which has lots of green cover, which is a rare sight in the city.  He gave us a walk-through of various e-governance initiatives and how they are serving citizens of various states in India. We also visited conference office rooms and board rooms used by senior Govt officials including Chief Minister, and got introduced to some of the officials.

Buddies from 3 Decades
Dakshina Murthy turns 50


Celebrating amidst colleagues


Sprawling campus – Centre for Good Governance


Assembled with scrap from RTC Busses


Inside CGG Campus


Dakshina’s co-workers at CGG Campus


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