Radhika’s Birthday in Sattvik Style

May be for the first time in decades, I took a week-day off, on the eve of Radhika’s birthday, and stayed put at home.  She would often say, it’s not a big deal, and say, ‘go do your work’. However, I had determined to be at home to make the day ‘special’ for here, and also I know that i would be anyway doing tons of parallel processing all the time, ensuing life at work/home is quite seamless.

So, I got the opportunity to take Radhika for matinee movie at the near by Mall.  It is a new movie starring Nani, who is delivering consistent and likeable ROMEDY movies.  So, I thought it would be a nice lunch date movie, as Radhika would consider she considers movies of this genre as “sattvik” movise, unlikes other violent themed movies, she calls them as Tamasik movies (in ayurveda style).  So, I chose, “Ninnu Kori” which turned out to be a neat romedy flick.  

I told her that movie starts at 12:30PM, though actually movie was at 12:50PM.  However, it did not matter to her, as I am sure she added 20-minutes buffer time to what I said. She took her own sweet time to get ready, and we arrived at theatre security at 12:51PM. I was getting little grumpy, as I have an idiosyncrasy and obsession of always being on-time for the movies.  However, since it’s her birthday day, I tried to be calm’er’.  

As soon as she got out of the security, I was about to run toward the lift.  She says, “hold on”, and said security girl indicated to her that the girl is feeling very hungry, and did not eat her breakfast.  Then she said, “I want to go supermarket in the mall, and buy her some food”.  I said, it’s too late, and insisted “let us head to the lift”.  She did not say protest a single word, and got into the lift. But looking at her, I felt wrong to reject her intention on helping quench someone’s hunger, and it’s her special day, and she usually wants to do some type of “seva”.  So, we got on to the 3rd floor, and bought two cones of fruit and nut ice-cream (one for each of the security girls).

We want down all the way back to basement security area, and handed the ice-creams to the two girls, to their beaming faces, though they resisted taking the offer, as they were quite surprised.  Radhika said, it’s her birthday, then they took the ice-cream. I was little grumpy that I am losing 15 minutes of the movie, but at the end, I was super glad that I did what Radhika wanted to do, and losing 15 minutes of the movie is not end of the world at all, and ended up profusely thanking her for what she did, as it gave me immense inner satisfaction

For the dinner, kids proposed an Italian place.  However, I said, let’s choose a place, which Radhika would be thrilled to go.  So we chose to have a cozy dinner at “Jivati”, new Organic Restaurant in town.  Apparently it opened on Jan 26th, this year, by Tollywood legendeary Director K Vishwanth and V Vinayak.  We chose Organic Veg restaurant, to honor Radhika’s interest and passion for organic, healthy, and sattvic food. Jivati turned to be a good choice. 

Jivati serves food cooked with 100% organic produce, with menu consisting of all south Indian breakfast items, thali, north Indian curries, etc, all cooked with non GM food, non pesticide infested items, A2 cow milk, no reheating of oil, rock salt, and most items are cooked per order (so they do take time to get the food to the table).

Thought it’s dinner time, we chose to order mostly breakfast items, except Revanth, who ordered north Indian combo.  Everything we ordered tasted quite good, and prices were reasonable.  Place is spacious with good ambience and also has an organic store, where most items’ prices are cheaper when compared to ’24 letter mantra’ branded items.  I am sure to come back to this place again, both for food and the grocery items

Selfie on 6D
with Boyz


Bahubali of Khandaan


Organic Masala Dosa


Organic Grocery Shopping
Theme of the Resaurant
Organic Stores inside Jivati

Yes, I did end the evening with 15,000 steps, walking about 10KMs, mostly inside Indu Fortune, answering phone calls from the office, and answering dozens of emails, as part of my usual parallel processing

WhatsApp Image 2017-07-12 at 23.39.00.jpeg

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