Wrapped-up 54-hours business stint in NYC and first phase of business trip, and now landed in SFO, to begin the big road trip with the big family of 17, across SFO to LAX- Yosemite and then PDX to SEA.

Here is quick memoir from NYC stint.

I have visited Empire State Building 4 times in last 30 years, but always as a tourist. Today, I was thrilled to see my client located on multiple floors between 20th and 40th. Client gave me an elaborate tour of their swanky new facility, and access to private balcony, which gave us sprawling view of New York skyline. I also got a chance to click NYC skyline amidst windy and sunny skies, from the balcony and also various windows through glass panes too.

WhatsApp Image 2017-05-14 at 15.30.01

Touchdown @ LGA


With my Sales Buddy, Jerry


With my Sales Buddy, Jerry


View from one of the floor on Empire State Building


View from Private Balcony one of the floor of Empire State Building


Team Cigniti


Team Cigniti


View from 22nd Floor


Flat Iron Building


Mandatory pic @ Times Square

Selva, Sunny, and I walked several blocks to try NY Street Food at famous “THE HALAL GUYS”.  Bein a vegetarian, I tried Falafel Over Rice (priced for $7), which was pretty good. I rarely witnessed such a huge line for street food in NYC. It looked like a scene from Soup Nazi in Seinfeld, though the vendor appeared to be much friendly


Falafal over Rice @ The Halal Guys


Long Line for NY Street Food


with Sunny


Long Line for NY Street Food


Falafel over RIce


Red Curry @ Thai VIlla – Never Go Wrong with Thai


Spicy Basil Fried Rice Curry @ Thai Villa in NYC – Never Go Wrong with Thai


Ordered Kids’ Meal due to lack of choice at EWR airport, but was glad, I did it 🙂


Friends Villa in Long Island


Thanks to walking around over 50 blocks in NYC on Day 1


Thanks to walking around over 40 blocks in NYC on Day 2

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