Aviation Conference in Miami

I spent two days in Miami to attend Aviation Conference and deliver lightning talk on “Leveraging Quality Engineering and Sentimental Analysis to improve Airline Customer Experience”.  I am extra thrilled to be here, as anything related to aviation and airlines is my favorite topic.  I possibly flew few million miles across few dozen airlines over the last 30 years.  I flew on British Airways for the first trip to US about 30 years ago, and coincidentally I flew British Airways 24 hour ago, to reach Miami

I have experienced travel in almost all types of airlines out there.  Some airlines do not exist anymore. I flew PANAM around 25 years ago, after the hijack and later tragic crash in Scotland, and is now no longer in existence. I flew Agni airlines 24 hours after it caught fire, but is still in business. I flew Buddha Airlines in Nepal where everyone gets a window seat, to see Himalayan Range and most importantly Mount Everest from a far distance. I have personally witnessed exponential changes in how airlines are serving / treating their customers both at kiosk, inside the plane, over phone, online, and now on mobile, but yet never imagined UAL incident from last month, which reminded everyone again on the importance of quality of service and customer experience

Yesterday’s topic at Aviation Festival was all about understanding sentiments of most important customers of airlines. I talked about various creative ways how airlines implementing Mobile First, and how digitals apps are enhancing customer experience.

Full write-up can been read on my LinkedIn article.  Check out the URL https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/using-sentiment-analysis-improve-airlines-customers-sai-chintala


Our Booth
Unveiling Sentiment Analysis for TOP Airlines’ Digital Apps
Pradeep, CTO, Cigniti
Gary, SVP, Cigntii
Connie, Sales
Anil Mishra, Marketing


Speed Networking with Connie
Bheeshma of Cigniti, Gary Smith
My Lightning Talk
My Lightning Talk
My Lightning Talk



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