We are constantly looking for new places to dine out in the city, when we are bored to dine @ home. Per Revanth’s suggestion, we decided to try Thai Food @ Malaka Spice, for yesterday’s dinner. Malaka Spice looked like part art gallery, a fancy dine out place, and one can also buy organic vegetables too. We tried our usual Thai menu, though this place serves cuisine from most of the countries belonging to south east Asia.
Red Curry looked and tasted very “different” from what I had expected. I have personally tried Thai food in more than dozen countries, including Thailand, since 1992. However, Chef here tried to convince me that they are serving true Thai, and using fresh ingredients unlike other places in town and around the planet. He said, “We are very different and much more than being authentic”. He actually said, I am living a lie all along, with regards to my definition of Thai Food :-). He offered to give a credit for the entrée, if I haven’t enjoyed it. But we all 3 smiled and declined it, and enjoyed the overall experience.
I would definitely visit this place again for the ambience and wide choice of cuisine which would accommodates preferences for my typical guests. However, given the choice of so many new places in town, I might not come here again.


Intro to our table host



Vegetable Murtabak – Stuffed Pancakes


Red Curry and Singapore Spicy Noodles


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