Ugadhi 2017 @ Villa 369

It’s a quiet ugadhi 2017 at our home this morning, with exams looming around for the kids.  By the time, I got into Radhika’s kitchen, she had already cooked most of the stuff for brunch and lunch.  When I checked the menu, I saw deep fried bajji’s were missing, which is not surprising given that all of us embarked into healthy life style.

However, I told her, no Telugu festival is complete with at least one deep fried item.  So, she made ‘plantain’ bajjis.  I have captured the making of dessert (‘bakshallu’) and appetiser (‘bajjis’) just for fun, and captured couple of pics for my blog and archives.   All the pics from extended Chintala clan are being uploaded into the holiday blog, through the day.

Surprised to see our home owners association hosting a slick Ugadhi festival event at our community hall. It was a ‘traditional white dress code’ event, with recitation of panchangam, classical dances, and traditional dinner.



Mom with Sister
Rohit and Mom


Phani (who just came from School) with Rohit





Ugadhi Pachhadi


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