High School Friends Meet-up

I received a call at 2PM today and person on the other side said, “Hi Sai, I am Hanumanth Rao; I am your class mate from Wesley.  We met last in 1982 during 10th grade”.  I replied, “Hey Hanumanth Rao, how are you doing”, while parallel processing in my mind, my memories from 1982. I could not recollect him, thanks to my “Gajini” style memory.  He said, few of class mates from school are meeting up for an informal catch-up at Bowenpalli around 6PM.   I saved his number on my cell, and quickly went to Whatsapp and pulled his name again, and I could see his profile pic. I could remember him immediately, as he hasn’t changed much.

I went to a private roof-top place near Bar One in Bowenpally at 6PM as pledged.  About 30 folks started trickling to the venue by 7PM.  I could only recognise 10 folks (as I met these 10 folks couple of times during last 10 to 20 years).  It was a struggle but fun trying to attach face to the name for remaining 20.  About 15 folks recognised me, and told me my own stories form high school, which I do not even remember now. I am glad, I could make it to the event, and reconnect with old friends and memories  Surprisingly, I am the only one into IT from this gang 🙂

Here are few pics and video clip from the event.


School Pic from 40 years ago


Harinath, Venkat, Babu, Sreedhar, Sashidhar, Sailesh, Yogesh, Ramesh


Best Friends From School
Sashidhar and Sreedhar

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