Organic Living using Home Grown Veggies

We have begun growing vegetable on our rooftop for few months now. It is bit of effort, but ROI in terms of satisfaction is huge. Also, it is increasing the possibility of organic and healthier living. Here are few curries that Radhika Chintala whipped using home grown veggies. I have recorded small clips for fun, as I watched her in the kitchen every morning, last month or two. Click on these clips to see the cooking clips using home grown veggies



In the seasoning add methi 🍃 sauté a little then add tomato 🍅 dices , cover lid and cook till they become soft, then add salt, chilli 🌶 powder, little jagery and roasted sesame seeds powder to it along with little water. Cook for five minutes till you get right consistency. Instead of chilli 🌶 powder you can substitute with green ones or red ones

Boil yellow Moong dal and to that add chopped thotakura leaves (amaranth) , salt, turmeric powder, boiled raw tamarind juice, seasoning with green chillies, Hing, jeera, mustard and ginger. Let it simmer for five minutes until leaves are cooked throughly.⁠⁠⁠⁠


Okra – Feb 21, 2017
Mirchi & Tomato – Feb 21, 2017


Banana Flower Curry served on Banana Leaf – All Home Grown
WhatsApp Image 2017-04-10 at 13.07.14
Banana Flower Curry served on Banana Leaf – All Home Grown
This is how banana flower looks: Source Internet

One thought on “Organic Living using Home Grown Veggies

  1. Really Interesting Sai, even I want to start a rooftop garden. Idea is awesome.

    K N RAO – MECH – 87-91 BATCH


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