Molecular Gastronomy Experience in HYD

Today Revanth, Radhika, Aniketh and I have decided to explore Hyderabad’s first molecular gastronomy themed restaurant, which was apparently opened on Nov 7th at Jubilee Hills. When we entered their premises, there was a huge poster which said, “Italy, Mexico, and Science walks into Hyderabad”.  There was also a sign, “We are charging 10% service charge, and do enter only if you are OK with it” :-).

I have been introduced to the concept of Molecular Gastronomy just recently via Netflix Documentary Series “Chef’s Table” by Revanth.   As seen on the Chef’s Table, many of the dishes here (specially desserts) at Quattro, seems to have been inspired by food served at the molecular gastronomy themed hotels around the world, including Gaggan in Bangkok, and Alinea in Chicago.  Thanks to Quattro, we need not travel that far.

During our maiden visit, we tried bit of Italian and Mexican cuisine. Since the experience was little different, I thought I will share few snaps via this blog. Yes, ambience was great, food was pretty decent and authentic, prices are bit on high side, given the theme of the restaurant.  Here are few video clips and photos for the fun.

Yes, I am sure to visit again with my friends, family, and also clients.


Chocolate Explosion
Nachos with fresh Guac made right at the table
Tres Leches – Dessert
Veggie Quesadillas with black beans, mexican rice, jalopeno cream
Guac chilled with Liquid Nitrogen
Cream Alfredo
Already described. Now with diff perspective
Cream Ravioli
My Gang – Anything to get them to smile
Array of Italian and Mexican spices
Minestrone with tinge of green tea, mixed right at the table
Bread to go with Minestrone
Jalopeno  Queso with Jalopeno cloud
Chocolate Explosion – Looks great, but recipe needs improvement
Quattro Experience


Our second visit to this place wasn’t so great.  Here are few pics from second visit.  Pasta tasted bitter, and my wife found a stone in it.  Pizza was just about OK.  Snacks were bland and not tasty.  We expressed our displeasure to them, for which they removed Pasta expense from the bill, and reduced the overall bill by 10%. However, it is unlikely that we will visit this place again.


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