Oravakallu Rock Gardens

Oravakallu Rock Gardens (a unique hotel resort maintained by AP Tourism Department) was our base camp, for about 2 nights and 3 days, while we explored Belum Caves, Gandikota Canyon, and Ahobilam Temples. This pace is about an hour from Kurnool. This resort is amidst natural rock formations, which gives this place out-of-the-world looks. There are just a few rooms for rent, and they are pretty decent and offered at rock bottom prices. They charge about INR 850 for non-A/C room, and INR 1450 for A/C rooms.

Their official website is under maintenance, and we had to struggle a bit to get hold of them.  We finally got the number 093932 82897 for Laxman, who helped us book the reservation. Service levels can be definitely improved, however, the place is worth a try, given the spectacular settings of the resort.  We tried breakfast and dinner, both of them were pretty good, though the choice of offerings was low.

One of the key scenes from, last year’s India’s biggest movie ‘Bahubali’ is shot here. I let you guys guess the scene.  I would let you guess the scene.   While you do that, check out some cool pics from the resort.


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