Gandikota – Mini Grandcanyon of India

We took a bit of really long drive from Hyderabad to get here, Gandikota Fort. This place is another few hours of drive from Kurnool. We were pleasantly welcomed by awesome views, when we reached just around golden hour. I never imagined such a backdrop exists in AP. I learned about this place for the first time in WOW HYDERABAD magazine, about 3 years ago. But I made it here today with, Radhika Chintala, Aniketh Chintala, and Manikanta Chintala.

Disclaimer: Backdrop is the only USP of this location. Approach, and surrounding ecosystem isn’t maintained well. We spent more than an hour and took 300 pics in just that hour.  Thanks to Golden Hour, views were amazing as you can see from the pics.  If you want awesome social media DP, this is the place to visit 🙂

Aniketh in contemplation pose




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