Karthika Pournami

Full moon days have a special meaning and place in Hindu rituals.   It’s an extra special full moon day for multiple reasons (first full moon day following Diwali in the holy month “Kartika Masam”, super moon day, and more). Radhika got multiple ‘wick bundles’ with consolidated count of minimum 365 wicks (one for each day of the previous year) dipped in pure desi cow ghee, and have us lit it, in front of house ‘tulasi’ (Indian Basil Plant) and gooseberry plants placed in front of our home at Indu.    Why 365-wicks and basil/gooseberry plants and timing of full moon day?

Radhika says, by lighting these wicks, we are clearing any backlogs of missing the days where we did not light them during our Pooja in the morning, and also pure ghee helps purify the environment, coupled with inherent medicinal values of above plants.  Moon is often associated with Mind, and the full moon days have deep affect on our thought process. She also got 5 pieces of wicks nicely adorned on fresh gooseberries and got them lit too.  There are several others reasons / interpretations behind the timing and the rituals, which you can easily google it for.

She caught hold of me, just before leaving home for the office, and made sure that I participated in the ritual. I was able to rope Aniketh into the event, who shot this 52-second clip



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