Diwali 2016 – Phase 2

I have returned to Hyderabad late evening today, to celebrate Phase 2 of Diwali with extended joint family (with Phase 1 being done in Warangal). This time, it was Kala Chashma Diwali @ Chintala Residence, compared to Prem Ratan Dhan Payo them during Diwali 2015. There was lot more noise on the instant dance floor with loud music booming from Phani’s Creta stereo in the parking lot, than the noise coming from the crackers on the street. Our Kids also shared no interest in the fire works, like millions out there in India now. Instead, we spent time playing games, chatting away, enjoying khandaan delicacies, and grooving to Bollywood tunes

We decided to go with Kala Chasma theme at 7:45PM, and I had whatsapp’d in our group to have the clan bring in few dark glasses for themed grooving. There was no earlier planning or prep that was done. Here are both 2-min and 5-min clips from today’s hungama, as we closed Diwali 2016 around Midnight. Once again, we wish a Happy Diwali to all our friends and families around the planet.

Here are the videos from the event and also the pics rom various members of family diwali celebration at their homes too.



Dad and Big Brother
Suresh and Sharada
Sharada Shanu and Shreya
Sharada Shanu and Shreya
Ramesh, Ashwini, Sunny, and Akshaya
Ramesh, Ashwini, Sunny, and Akshaya

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