Birthdays in the Family !!

It was a double dhamaka day today in the Khandaan. Both Sharadha Chintala and Akshaya Chintala celebrated their birthday today. Since I had a free day this weekend, Radhika, Aniketh and I visited both their houses and attended / created informal birthday events. Sharada celebrated her birthday amongst few of the available members of the family, and followed by mini lunch comprising of Biryani and Alu Bonda, and I have a soft corner in my heart for both of them.

Later we went to Askhaya’s house (youngest in our clan), who celebrated her birthday along with class friends from DPS.   In the process, I had a chance to click memories for all the in family.  Here are few pics and videos from the event, along with the “Making of Alu Bonda” video in the blog

Happy Birthday Sharada


Part of the clan @ Sharada Suresh Home
Happy Birthday Akshaya


Happy Birthday Akshaya
Akshaya and her DPSites

Surprise (or almost surprise) Birthday Event arranged by Akki’s friends.


with Dad and Mom


Aniketh and Shreya
Alu Bonda
Bonda and Biryani at Sharada Home

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