Krishna Temple of Morganville, NJ

I had a chance to visit serene temple of Sri Krishna (Guruvayurappan Temple) Temple in Morganville (NJ) just about 20 minutes from where I am currently staying for business in East Brunswick.  I was suggested to this place by my friend LN and his cheddi buddy “Ramana” for 4 decades.  Since Ramana is active devote, volunteer and trustee of this temple, I had received personal tour and detailed history of this temple.   We visited this temple on this Saturday morning, just when Abhishekam for Sri Venkateshara has begun.  It was indeed a beautiful experience to witness Abhishekam for life size idol.

This temple has Shrines for Shiva, Venkateshware, Ayyappa, Satyanarayana, and your other favorite avatar of the lord.  Current fully developed authentic temple was opened in 2012.  All shrines were beautifully architected with intricate designs.  Temple is on land of over 30 acres, surrounded lush green meadows and woods.  Drive itself to this temple was extra serene, as seen in the below GoPro footage.

This temple actually has a Goshala (Cow Sanctuary) within it’s premises.   I have seen such a setup in NA for the first time.  They have two cows Bharati and Sita, and two calves – Surabhi and Maruthi.  I have learned that all the diary products used in the temple for Abhishekam are obtained from their cows.

Most importantly (for many, including me), it has a canteen where I had chance to taste and indulge in best Dosa in North America so far.  I am not kidding on it.  We actually tried 3 Dosa of over 2 dozen varieties listed in the menu.  I think Dosa are priced around $5. I had a chance to taste spiciest Dosa in the western size of this planet.   Canteen is operated by volunteered, and all proceedings goes to the temple.

It’s a shame if you haven’t been already here or not planning to here.  I am sure to be back here, for soul experience and soul food.


with LN, My JNTU College Friend for 32 years
LN and his Cheddi Buddy


One of a kind, Yagna Shala


I have seen Cow Sanctuary for the first time in USA



Ramana’s family and LN
with LN at Ramana’s backyard

One thought on “Krishna Temple of Morganville, NJ

  1. Wow beautiful temple and very well maintained with all facilities !! Looks like u had an enriching time Sai – always wonder how dosa manages to follow you 😉 – Renuka n Prakash


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