It was a busy weekend meeting colleagues, friends, and families around Dallas. It’s a blessing to be in a town which is 8951 miles away, and yet welcomed by so many folks for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a chai.
My Sunday started with a trip to Hanuman temple in Frisco, Texas with an invite by Kiran. I bumped into Vishnu, who said, I had interviewed him 10 years ago at AppLabs. I might have interviewed and selected several thoughts in my 10 year stint.  It’s a pleasure to meet folks around in the world, who are well settled now, and happy to bump into him.
I have never been to dedicated Hanuman Temple in USA.  Vishnu who does seva at this temple during the weekend, says, Idol here is made of pure emerald stone.   He asked priest to bless me and got me prasadam and flowers which were given as ode to the lord.   Kiran ordered breakfast (Idli / Vada combo) from the temple canteen, which was pretty delicious.  Later we stopped at his house for a chai.
Then I stopped at my long time friend and buddy “Meyyappan” from AppLabs, who just moved to Plano, stays 12 minutes away from Frisco.  It was great meeting him and his family after several years.   Then I headed to Bharati’s house.  Bharati is also ex colleague from AppLabs and Cigniti, and now is a dear client of Cigniti.  Bharati and her spouse Wazid hosted a mega lunch.  She started our lunch, with Nellore Karam Dosa as a snack, followed by 7 course lunch.
Yesterday,  Chakri hosted us for delicious lunch. It was fun interacting with his kids, who had great time with my Gadgets and shot interesting footage, which can be seen below.  Be sure to check out the video footage below, where Kshetru says, why we should not be considering both Hillary and Trump as future President of USA.
Chakri’s kids within few minutes of playing with GoPro said, “Hey, I have an idea.  We can use this on our jag too”, as if they got an idea which can be patented 🙂.   They rushed his dad to get the car out out of the garage, and spin it around the neighbourhood.  Junior one wanted to protrude out of sun roof and take the footage.  We convinced him that it is not safe and thankfully he listened after 10 seconds of titanic pose.  Check out the GoPro footage conceived by his kids

Little Kshetru talks about why both Hillary and Trump should not be chosen as Presidnet of USA

GoPro ride shot by Chakri’s kids. They figured out the device operation within 60 seconds of intro, and they were on their own, having fun.

Making of Nellore Karam  Dosa

Cigniti Team Lunch at Bharati’s House in Lewisville



Legendary Karam Dosa


Antics of Rithu Vooturi


Bhag and Chakri’s Kids



Huge Lunch served by Bharati



With Wazid and Shaik



Chakri’s Kids super proud of Dad’s Jaguar


Jr Bhag


Bumped into Long Time Colleague from AppLabs


Pradeep with his Kids


Pradeep with his Kids


Dinner @ Pradeep’s House


Dinner @ Pradeep’s House


Dinner @ Pradeep’s House


Pradeep’s Family


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