Oscars for Quality Engineering

Yesterday, Team Cigniti hosted it’s annual LiQE event (Leadership in Quality Engineering) at Gaylord Convention Centre.  It was attended over 100 client representatives from around the world, and hosted by over 40 Cigniti team comprising of senior leadership team from Sales, Solutions, Delivery, Marketing, and other key supporting functions.

I felt like, this was our own version of Oscars, but for Quality Engineering. It had a pre-meet up, red carpet welcome, executive luncheon, main event on QA trends and Digital Transformation, creative Panel sessions with QA leadership from leading Enterprises, awards sessions in the categories mentioned below, humorous one-on-one with legendary Dallas Cowboys, and a grand finale ball room dinner.

Some of the award categories included:

Best Strategic Partner of the year
Best Emerging Vertical Partner of the year
Best Digital Partner of the year
Best Vertical Partner of the year
Best Digital Partner of the year
Best Innovation Partner of the year
Best Transformation Partner of the year
Best Innovation Partner of the year
Best Vertical Partner of the year

Choice of the location is perfect.  Gaylord convention center where this event was conducted, is big, popular, and had lots of grandeur attached to it. It was clear that LiQE is hit and popular repeat event, with so many clients bonding with each other, as if they were known for ever.  Even who came for the first time, made new friends and relationships today.  I did notice great deal of camaraderie that is present between Team Cigniti and their dear Client.  There were so many hugs, and giggles between them, and zillion Canon / Nikon photograph moments

Panel sessions were a big hit, and insight offered was credible for all the audience, and many of our clients said, they got solutions ideas. Awards session was a most creative event, and Clients were thrilled with their names being called in innovative categories. Grand Finale Dinner was a great event with exquisite menu hosted by Gaylord, and everyone giving us a raving feedback, and pledging for a long term partnership.  Our clients walked away with great insights on QA trends, and also great learnings from what’s happening in QA organization of their own peer clients.

We look forward to host many more such event, as we head to become World’s Largest and Most Respect QA organization.



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