Velvet Tacos in Dallas

I am back in Dallas this afternoon. I will be camping here for a week or less. Hosted our client today at Velvet Tacos near Dallas Downtown. Menu here is very interesting, tacos are very tasty, crowd and vibe is just awesome and company was super cool. They are open up to 3AM, and the place is busy until they close. 
This is my second visit here.  I was here more than an year, along with Raj and Shiri at 2AM post late night movie.  However, I was not with my 6D to capture some cool pics seen below. I believe there are two locations of Velvet Tacos, and second one is at Fort Worth.
Choice of Diverse Menu
Today WTF is Bollywood Tacos
Shareen, Bhag, and Raghav
Today WTF is Bollywood Tacos


with Cindy from Idexx
It is clear, Desi crowd is common here
It is clear, Desi crowd is common here


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