Radhika hosted a big birthday bash for me this weekend, as I crossed another milestone in my life. Though I wasn’t keen on it, she insisted that we celebrate with our dear friends and family.  I am always looking for a good excuse to meet friends and family.

It was a great feeling to host a large gathering which included folks from Wesley (my school for first 12 years, where I made first friends of my life), JNTU (college for next 4 years, this is where I got the clarity of future dreams), Lamar & Texas A&M (for two more years, where seeds for my IT career were sown), AppLabs (my first employer in India, and this is where I have met over 3000 folks in the span of 10 years), Cigniti and Gallop (made some of the best buddies during last 5 years), my immediate and extended family and friends.

Radhika and Suresh (my youngest brother) architected entire event to perfect execution.  They were ably supported by both Revanth and Aniketh.  There is a always force and blessing of my Dad, Mom, and entire family behind any event in the family.   Radhika and Suresh chose THE PARK as the venue for the event.  Radhika insisted that we have LED as the backdrop to beam various photos and video that I have compiled over the decade.

Designer cake (seen below) was conceived by my Kids and Radhika. Apparently La Delices (who made this cake) opened their business just few weeks ago. To our surprise, they live in our same community. Though cake was delivered to our villa 6 hours ahead of the party, kids did not let me peak into it. I got to see it yesterday at the party, just moments before the big event. They depicted my interests for Photography, Travel, and Food on the cake

Finally, big thanks to my Dad and Mom, from whom I have inherited my DNA, and my brothers and sister, from whom I have inherited lots of traits, to Radhika with whom I have learned the importance of being spiritual, kids from whom I have learned how to be in the current moment, and friends and colleagues from whom I have spent 40% of my life, and learned to be who I am today, and many gurus of the world (Mahatria, Sri Sri, and more)

La Delices Camera Cake

Designer Cake

Thanks to Nagaraj who threw a big surprise by playing below video, which has birthday greeting from my Cigniti colleagues around the world.

Photo Collage that was played during my birthday event

Here are few clips from Vinay Reddy (best buddy of Sunayana from my Team) who volunteered to capture memories.  Rest are on the way.

Me, Wife, and two kids

My family

Mom and Son

Mom time travelled to meet Son 🙂

Dad and Son

Dad and Son – No Time Travel Needed

Full Family

My Big Family

with Kids in the family

Big Kids in the Family

with Suresh

with younger Brother Suresh

Me with Mac

No, not checking mails

me with Phone


Radhika created a 12-month calendar  using 12 of my nature pics from last several years, and gave it as a return gift to all guests

Beautiful rendition of Sai baba’s prayer by my brother Suresh, who is maha bakth of Baba. Amazing end to a super cool event

Surprise collage created by Brother’s family, using the hard copy pics that I had sent to them 3 decades, and also using the pics from FB


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