Cigniti Crusaders

I am proud to run two key teams @ Cigniti, one which identifies Enterprises across dozens countries which needs solutions to avoid deploying bad software, and another team which prescribe such innovative solutions. Cigniti’s crusade for freeing the world from bad software begins from actions from these two teams. On the eve of upcoming Independence day, many from my teams dressed up in the color of Indian flag. This morning, I have asked my team for a quick photo shoot.  Just about 70% of the folks made it to the 10-minute photo shoot.  Here is the 40 second glimpses from the event.

Global IST 2
Global Demand Generation Team
Global IST
Global Demand Generation Team (IST)
IST and ESG Team 2
Global IST and Solutions Engg Group
IST and ESG Team
Global IST and Solutions Engg Group
IST Leads
Demand Generation Leaders

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