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Folks both at Gallop (Subsidiary of Cigniti) and Cigniti (which is now World’s second largest Independent QA organization in the world) are known to transform how QA & Testing is ought to be done, and positively impact QA communities around the world.  We also constantly look for and partner with folks who have similar vision.   Gallop organizes QA Meet-up in Philly, and invites QA evangelists to speak about trending topics.  This event is attended by QA enthusiasts from local ISVs and Enterprises.  Last week, I had an opportunity to attend one such session. This time topic was “How can QA Organizations drive Agile Transformation in an enterprise”

It was hosted by Manavjeet Singh (Manav) who has been a QA transformation leader for many years. He is currently working as a Sr. Director of IT Quality Strategy & Delivery at Optum and leading the Agile Transformation for the Portals group within Optum. Before this, he has served as the Sr. Director and Global Head of QA & Testing Practice at CIber leading a practice portfolio of over $25 M in revenues. In the past, he has worked as a QA leader and a test automation architect for Fair Isaac, Mercury (now part of HP) and Oracle Corp. He has been a speaker at many conferences and has been a trusted advisor to many clients (internal and external) on QA & Agile Transformation. 

With the advent of Agile, the traditional centralized QA CoEs have been broken down by enterprises to make way for a leaner decentralized QA groups. This inflection point presents a unique opportunity for QA practitioners to be change agents and drive Agile transformation. In this meet up, we have learned how the QA organization at Optum (UHG) is driving Agile transformation for the Enterprise.

Below 90-second clip, provides glimpse of highly engaging 90-minute session by Manav.



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