Boating Bliss on Marsh Creek Lake, PA

Last Sunday evening, Kalyan drove me and Dinoop to Marsh Creek Lake (in Downingtown), which was just about 30 miles from where we stay in King of Prussia, PA.   When he said, boating on a lake, I wasn’t really excited until I reached the place.  Lake was pretty huge, and setting was immensely serene.  We rented a battery powered motor boat, which propelled the boat forward with minimal/no noise or pollution, which made the experience the extra blissful.

Kalyan navigated the boat for about 2 hours across the perimeter of the lake. Though it was Sunday early evening, lake wasn’t busy.  Check out some of the sights that we experienced, during 2-hour stint.  We have noticed many individuals or couples and friends / families doing kayaking, rowing, swimming, wind surfing, fishing, and sailing.  I loved the scene where a pet and its owner are doing stand-up paddling (which is the thumbnail of this blog). I am sure it wasn’t as easy as it appears in the pic.

It is a worth repeating exercise, as an individual or a group of family or friends.  I am sure to come back here for a team event, during next visit and explore extended day doing various water sports.

The 535-acre Marsh Creek Lake is a rest stop for migrating fowl, as well as a popular spot for most water sports, including sailing and fishing. With two boat launches and 220 seasonal mooring slips, the lake is especially popular with sailboaters who take advantage of the combination of good natural terrain and prevailing winds.


Loved the scene.  Both the pet and it’s owner are so still, and the scene itself was meditative




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