Another 24 hours in Portland, Maine

Dean and I am back in Portland for another short visit, to meet our strategic client, Idexx.  This time, we stopped by here, to get a video testimonial on QA/Testing services that our team has been delivering for last one year. Our day started with a big warm welcome from Cindy and Tom from Idexx.  It is not very common that I get such a warm hug from a client, when I visit them.  This gesture indicates the true partnership that we have with this unique client.

IDEXX Laboratories develops, manufactures, and distributes products and services primarily for the companion animal veterinary, livestock and poultry, water testing, and dairy markets worldwide. The company provides point-of-care veterinary diagnostic products, including instruments, consumables, and rapid assays; veterinary reference laboratory diagnostic and consulting services.  If you have had pet’s blood samples taken for any examination, it is likely that it has been sent to one of the Idexx Labs around the world.

Our experience of testimonial was friendly and was a heart warming exercise.  Yes, we did receive the flattering testimonial on the quality of services delivery by our teams.  Big thanks to our teams who go out of the way to please our clients

Later in the night, we were hosted at one of the hottest restaurant in Portland today.  Dean and Cindy has chosen this place, as I am a vegetarian.  Apparently, this is the only top sea food restaurant in the town, which was veggie friendly.   They do not take reservations, so we were told to wait for an hour, when we went to this place at 5PM, and the place was already full.  We used one-hour free time to walk around the wharf, and take the snaps of brick accented buildings around the wharf area

All the items served in ‘tapas’ (small plates) format, and to be eaten / shared in family style.  Vegetarian dishes were terrific, innovative, dressed right, tasted perfect, and looked great for photos too.   Must recommended place, if you happen to be travelling to this part of the world.  Name of the place is “Central Provisions” and is near wharf area on the Fore Street.  Items you see in the pics are: hush puppies (corn puffs), chili corn bread, farm bread, baked beet root, baked broccoli, etc.  Check out their menu on yelp, to know the ingredients of these items.   We did ask for the recipe of few items, with a hope that we will replicate in our own kitchen too

I woke up today at 5:30AM.  I drove to Portland Head Light (which is 20 minutes away at the shore) to take sunrise snaps at 6AM, before starting to airport at 8AM.   Head Lights are always fascinating places to visit, walk around, explore photography, and get serenaded by beautiful surroundings.  I was here last year for the first time, but I did not have an SLR handy at that time.  Look below for few snaps from the morning.  I am now at PWM airport heading to Philly for a lunch with CIO.  After few hours post lunch, I will be starting to Charlotte, and will be staying at Divya’s place, before starting for meeting with another client next morning.

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Video of my Sunrise Drive


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