JNTU Alumni Meet 2016

It was a great experience to be part of JNTU Alumni event held yesterday at Hotel Dasapalla in Hyderabad yesterday.  We had over 250 folks in attendance, with diverse set of crowd from Class of 1975 through Class of 2016.  Though event was planned just a month in advance, core team pulled it off flawlessly, due to precision planning and active campaign via FB, Emails, and specially WhatsApp which allowed the team to reach out to the folks around the world.

JNTUH CEH Alumni Team

Chandra Prakash K, Class of 1982
Bhargava Ch, Class of 2007
Mr. Srikanth Konda, Class of 1988
Bhargavi Nuvvula, Class of 1990
Raj Vodela, Class of 1996

Key Note Speakers

Suresh Challa, Class of 1982
Venky Talla, Class of 1988

We got to meet and interact with immensely successful folks in various distinct professions and fields.  Personally, for me it was good to meet to folks from my Class of 1988, and few known folks from Class of 89, and Class 90 too.   It was extra special to have Revanth (my elder kid) who is also part of JNTU and graduating next year, though it wasn’t easy to convince him to attend the event 🙂

I also had chance to prepare a video capsule which documented the inspiring story of Venky Talla, which was unveiled at JNTU Alumni meet today. Venky (my batch mate from JNTU 88) moved from being a weekend Farmer to full time farmer now, and was one of the two key note speakers today. He evangelised the need for Individual Social Responsibility (ISR). He urged all the folks at the meet to adopted an ISR with farming theme. He suggested those who already accumulated some wealth, to buy a 5-acre land and said there are multiple benefits to it. His story was earlier blogged at  https://saichintala.com/2014/06/15/a-day-with-a-farmer/

  • You will stop at least one or two farmers / families from moving from Village to City.
  • You will give them an earning by employing them to take care of the la
  • You grow your own toxic free vegetable
  • You will contribute to reduction in carbon foot print and greener planet
  • You will fulfill the dream of owning and retiring in a farm one day (which most dream about these days)
  • You can actually benefit the appreciation of land value, if you need extra money, on a rainy day

Full details over the weekend.

Here is the video clipping of Venky’s journey.

Here is the video clipping of key moments from the alumni

Here are few clips of WhatsApp campaign.


Here are few snaps from the event.  Full set is on JNTU FB Group.


Alumni Core Gang
Interacting with Class of 2017 – Scholarship Kids
with Bhargavi (super woman behind the event) and Daks (Class of 88)


Key Note Speaker : Suresh Challa, Class of 1982
IT Farmer – Venky Talla, Class of 1988
Class of 82


Principal Mr. Govardhan
Scholarships sponsored by Alumni


with Srikanth Konda
with Sridhar
Alumni Core Team


Srikanth Konda and Venky Talla
CP – Alumni President
with Bhargav, Class of 2007 (youngest and active participant from Alumni)
Shockers from Class of 1988


Class of 1990


Class of 88 – CIVIL Gang
Father and Son from JNTU CEH


One thought on “JNTU Alumni Meet 2016

  1. Excellent blog! Nice report on the JNTU Alumni Association meeting! I especially liked the the clip about Mr. Talla’s farm! Very impressive work done by him.. I would meet him and check it out the next time I visit India/Hyderabad..

    -Yashodhar (JNTU 1978 – 1983 ECE)
    ps: I also write a blog (not as prolific as you) at : https://recoveringnostalgic.wordpress.com/


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