Cigniti 4.0

Cigniti concluded its annual strategy meeting today with BU leaders from various geographies (US, UK, APAC, and ANZ) converging at our Hyderabad’s Global Delivery Centre.  It was 3-days of intense and highly productive discussions to introspect last fiscal year achievements and challenges and chalk out the strategic road map ahead.

Yes, we now have a solid plan, IP, thought leadership in testing to gallop towards new year to bag large size deals with multi year contracts with large Enterprises across 5 continents and dozen countries.  Yes, our mission continues to remain the same.   Cigniti shall transform how software is being built and deployed, and will be most recalled, respected, technically superior testing services company. Our MD launched the meet with an inspiring speech, and its essence is given below.

We have set audacious goals ourselves.  We have no doubt that we will achieve our targets and accomplish our goals.  Our vision is to see the invisible.  If you can see the invisible, you can achieve the impossible.  The independent testing market is huge.  Even if we a tap small portion of it, we will be a billion-dollar company.  Our plan is to continue to grind our axes and be prepared to achieve the big.   As someone said, when preparation meets opportunity, success will come easily.

Our plan is to build a winning team right from the front office receptionist to top sales head. Yet times, we may face the challenges in our mundane routine. However, we will pledge not give to up, instead achieve the impossible with grit and perseverance.   Winners never quit, and quitters never win.   All of would lead by the Example and not by the title.

Here is the short clip documenting key moments from the strategy meeting:


North America Solutions Team
Global Marketing Team
North America Inside Sales Team
Global Inside Sales Leadership Team
Offshore Pre-Sales Leadership Team
Me with my Memorabilia

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