House of Dosas

My brother Suresh who also shares my obsession for good Dosa around the town, has introduced me to ‘House of Dosas’, which is located in the lane between Arrow Showroom and Cinemax BanjaraHills.  He was kept raving that Dosas here are different and authentic, and not in the same bandwagon of highly caloried dosas from Govind and Laxmin bandis in the the old city area.

As claimed by Suresh, this is a must visit place, if you want to try different and authentic dosas.  This place is started by Vishal Agarwal and his friend Abhiram (who is Prodduturu) about one year ago.  Menu has exclusive choices of authentic dosas prepared based on recipes from Abhiram’s mom.  I have tried Erra Karam Dosa (Red Mirchi Dosa), and it was homely and tasty. I have also tried Dipped Idli’s where Idli’s are dipped in bowl of chutney and topped with karam podi, and took slices of Pizza Dosa

Since my brother knows the owner, he got us made Guntaponganallu (which is only served between 4PM and 7PM).  Check out the pictures in the blog to see the detailed menu. I am sure to visit this place few more times to check out remaining items in the menu.   They do have exotic dosa combos too, which I am not going to try. I will stick to authentic dosa only.  As you can see from the menu below, prices are on the light higher side.  I have liked overall feel of the place.  They do provide catering service, and setup Dosa stall at the private parties.  I might consider it some time.


Red Mirchi Dosa
Dipped Idli
Pizza Dosa
Selfie with owner Vishal Agarwal

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