TEDx Hyderabad @ Police Commissioner Office

I had a chance to spend few hours at Hyderabad’s Police Commissioner Office, thanks to TEDx Hyderabad team.  Hyderabad Police was an exceptional host today, gave us unprecedented access, allowed us to click snaps, gave LIVE demonstration of traffic control procedures, and gave exhaustive power point presentation (by Sri T Krishna Prasad Garu, ADGP) on the technology used currently and initiatives, and future plans.  They also unveiled artistic rendered video of futuristic control that is being built in Jubilees Hills.  These are some of the fascinating facts and trivia learned today, and some cool pics.  More pics to be shared over the week.

No doubt that, we all felt super proud of Hyderabad Police today, and it was quite an endearing moment for all of us, to learn what’s happens behind the scenes to keep Hyderabad as one of the safest cities in India. I thought, I would give few glimpses of what I have experience today

  • India has 1% of Total Vehicles in the world, but contributes to 10% of Deaths due to accidents on road (due to speeding, mobile usage, no helmets, drunken driving, and more) Apparently over 3% GDP is lost due to road traffic accidents in India.
  • Hyd has 68 Lakhs population with 24 Lakh Vehicles. There are 1000 new vehicles registered everyday.  We have an area of 625 KM with road length of 9000 KM
  • Gadgets used:
    • 355 Cameras at 229 Junctions in City that records traffic violations and issue e-Challans
    • Alfa Numeric Timers
    • Automatic Traffic Control System with Solar Power Controller
    • Virtual Loop Cameras
    • Pictorial View of Video Loops at Junctions
    • Live Google Map plotting with Traffic Congestions
    • Variable Messaging Boards
    • Live Monitoring Dashboards
    • Advanced Integrated E-Challans System
    • Advanced Personal Digital Assistant for Spot Challaning and Cashless Payment
    • Hyderabad Traffic Live iOS / Android App
    • Facebook Page where citizen can report violations
    • Body Worn Cameras – First in India
    • Copless Junction Enforcement
    • Intelligent and Integrated Traffic Management

Now that I know about super cool gadgets used by Hyderabad Traffic Police and learning about root case of so many accidents, I definitely told myself that I need to drive lot more presence of mind to keep myself and folks around me safe, and also to avoid e-Challans too 🙂





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