Ugadhi – 2016

I started my day with cleansing of Pooja room and lighting the diya.  That is as far I can go, and I consider entire event as act of Pooja (as explained in Gita) and do not have skills and interest to perform any other rituals.  Thankfully, I was part of the core team invited for Ugadhi Pooja at Cigniti office, where have I experienced more formal rituals.  It was good to see our office reverberate with Vedic hymns and chants.  Within 12 hours of Laxmi Pooja at the office, we were showered new wins across multiple countries where Cigniti is currently doing business.  I am betting that we will continue to do well in new fiscal year too.

Later, I went back to home, and was pleasantly welcomed by Festive Lunch which feature elusive Mirchi Bajji (of which video teaser is already viewed by 2500 folks).  Later in the evening, my brothers (Suresh and Seenu) invited me for launch of dozen factor outlets, including Peter England, Louis Philippe, Mellow, and more.  It was good to hang out with extended family.  We have ended the day with Rudra Pooja and Dinner @ Gandipet Ashram

All of the above and more are featured in this festival blog for this Ugadhi 2016.

Once again, I wish great things (most importantly happiness, as rest of things will matter little less compared to it) for you and your loved ones.

Check below video links and the pics


Happy Ugadi to all of you
Pooja in MD’s Cabin
Cigniti’s First Family
Cigniti’s Core Team
Cigniti’s Core Team
Pooja @ Villa 369
Ugadhi Pachhadi
Mirchi Bajji – My Fav Delicacy
My Buddy
My Brother’s Factor Outlet
My Brother’s Factor Outlet
My Brother’s Factor Outlet
First Ladies of Chintala Khandaan
Seenu & Suresh – Launched Factory Outlet Stores
Four of us, Brothers !!
Five of Us – Brothers and Sister
My Dude

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