The Jungle Book – Movie Review

Radhika keeps watching TED talks, thanks to her new hobby in the recent months.  I ran into a TED talk this morning, which she was watching, and this one was hosted by Danielle Feinberg.  When Danielle was about 7 years young, she was asked, what she wants to become when she is old.  Apparently, she instantly said, “I want to become an artist”.  She was replied back instantly (by the adult who asked the above question), “how are you going to make money with that career”.   Years fast forwarded. She ends up taking maths, science, and learnt coding (all of which seems to be her next favourite topics).  While studying at Harvard, she got introduced to computer animation, and was shown clips from Pixar animation.  She immediately, decided, Pixar is where she wanted to end-up one day.

She eventually joined Pixar and became Director of Photography (with specialisation on Lighting), where she now creates stories with soul and wonder, using math, science, and code, and she is once again living dream of being associated with artistry.  Now, she is the one of the talented brains behind Pixar’s classics such as Finding Nemo, Toy Story, Brave, WALL-E and more.  The TED talk that I watched today also showed how Pixar interweaves art and science to create fantastic worlds where the things you imagine can become real.

If you are really passionate about something, you will eventually get what you want, though it might take little time. All things that you do in the life will be of use and purpose, and will further enhance the passion that you have had. There is no need to get stressed out, if you temporarily end up doing something really different than what you want. I believe, there are no such things as random incidents.  All of them have a purpose. Do not excessively fret, when things are not really happening the way want them to happen.

OK, how is it related to this blog which has a cover page of Jungle Book character, and has a title “The Jungle Book – Movie Review” ?.  Coincidentally, I have watched this flick today along with Aniketh and Radhika today evening.  I am sure there are many talented folks like Danielle behind this movie too, and wanted to take an opportunity to mention her

Here is my 3-worded verdict on the movie.  “Go, Watch it”.

It just takes few minutes to get yourself transported into the world of Mowgli.   Neel Sethi is just awesome, as Mowgli.  He is exactly the way you have imagined him to be, if you have watched 2D version which was released 49 years ago.  I had watched original animated version about 100 times or more (about 20 years ago), because of young Revanth.  90% of the story line is same as the original, and two of the songs featured are also same. However, I loved the original songs. All three of us loved the movie, and kept us hooked until the last frame. Visuals are stunning.  It’s hard to tell what’s real LIVE action vs. what’s computer graphics (though we all know that Mowgli is the real person in the movie), as both of have been seamlessly integrated.

With hypnotic Kaa
With Bagheera
With Akela
Sher Khan !!
junglebooksocials (1)
Louie, I guess only character with English name
With Baloo

Here is the TED Talk Clip featuring Danielle Feinberg


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