I know some or most of you have already seen Nag’s new movie “Oopiri” which was released today. But as a hobby and tradition, I am still writing my review, whenever I really like a movie. I did to the movie with a biased view based on the buzz from the teaser and the ensemble of the star case, that I would easily like the movie. I asked Revanth and Radhika to join me. Radhika said YES easily based on my pitch of the movie, and Revanth said NO for it.   He said, Bahubali is the only good movie ever in Telugu. I told him, I will transfer INR 10000 to his newly obtained debit card which has just INR 32 in it, if he honestly says that he did not like after watching the movie.

Within the 5 minutes of the movie, Radhika said,” Hey, I have seen this movie already in English” on Netflix. I calmed her down saying, it’s an official copy of INTOUCHABLES. Yes, the film is official remake of a French film named “The Intouchables”. Even the teaser was inspired by he original movie. Apparently, director Vamshi Paidipally and PVP Cinema have bought the official rights and adapted it for nativity of Telugu audience

Movie is about a ultra rich billionaire who is paralysed in an accident, all the way down down from his neck, and very unhappy with proceedings in his life. He is looking for a caregiver, who does not show any type of pity or sympathy on him. Karthi who just comes out a jail, is selected for the role of care taker. Rest of the story is about, how each other impact their lives, and find true meaning / source of happiness

Movie is shot with rich production values around HYD, VIZAG, and PARIS.  Soundtrack and background score is good. Acting is rock solid given the top notch casting. Nag and most importantly Karthi steals the show. Tamanna gave her own dubbing for the first time and suited her well. There is a pleasing and surprising special appearance for one of the Nag’s earlier heroines from Tollywood in the movie. Movie run time is little high, but did not really bother me, for the above reasons (no, not just for the heroine). First half of the movie is breezy, and second half drags a bit. Movie highlights the importance of need for a good companion and partner, and importance of their role in one’s happiness.

I would easily recommend watching the movie, for the story line, star cast, locales, music, and just the spirit of the movie. Regarding my bet, I was afraid of eye contact with Revanth. He did not remind me about the bet.  He was busy on the cell, so not sure if he really liked the movie.  Radhika was all laughing out loud through out the movie.  We went to CREAM STONE almost at midnight, while returning from the movie.  Normally, Radhika would not agree for ice-cream so late night in the evening. She would invoke yoga sutras, telling why should we not be going for an ice cream so late in the night or will say, “Only devils will eat at this hour”.  Yes, it was overall a good day, after getting bruises from watching BATMAN vs. SUPERMAN

PS:  Few folks commented that I am bribing my kid or forcing my kid to watch a movie. Take a chill pill. It’s all in good humour :-).  No payment of any type involved.  Given kids are so much inclined for action oriented and violence movies, it’s good to encourage and compel kids for a clean movie with a good message



Belgium Ice Cream with Desi Wife and an ABCD (American Born, and Charming Dude)

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