Fantastic 4 Years @ Cigniti

Yes, it all started this weekend, 4 years ago, when I have joined Cigniti (which had just merged with local small software outfit) along with 3 colleagues (Raj, Ramana, and Kalyan).  It was a huge leap of faith that we took, when we sent our resignation letter from a remote location in India, to our previous company (where we spent 9 years, since it’s inception).  Yes, it indeed was a worthwhile ‘leap’.
During this journey of fantastic 4 years @ Cigniti, I made few hundred new friends, acquired several hundred new clients, met scores of new and wildly interesting prospects, travelled to new continents and places that I have only dreamed about, and most importantly made new experiences that can be cherished for lifetime.
One would appreciate and acknowledge good times only when they experience some ‘not so good’ times. It would be a lie, if I claim that I have not experienced any bumps during this fantastic 4 years.
I am more than ‘just thankful’ to Cigniti management team for giving the opportunity to be “real me”, and making my journey rewarding personally and professionally. None of this is also not awesome support from Radhika, and my kiddos Revanth and Aniketh.

Few reasons for falling in love with Cigniti, and some of the key moments in last 4 years

  • Cigniti really allowed me to be ‘me’ and gave me solid empowerment.  I was able to blog my last 4 years of professional and personal journey
  • Thanks for my US Passport, I got an opportunity to meet clients and prospects across several new territories, new countries, new cities on business, including Australia, New Zealand, Muscat, Thailand, Abu Dhabi, Barcelona, Canberra, Gisborne, Perth, Portland, etc.  There are simply too many to list here
  • I got to participate in test advisory consulting gigs for large Enterprises, which forced me to practice what I preach, got my hands dirty, and contributed to marquee Logos for Cigniti
  • Thanks for rock solid marketing department @ Cigniti, I had a chance to write papers and articles which were published premium magazine, and also got a chance to speak at testing conferences around the world
  • I witnessed Cigniti grow exponentially in last 4 years, now heading towards $100m run rate organization, with services delivered by over 2000 career testers to over 300 active clients, in about 13 countries.  I doubt if this is possible anywhere else once again
  • I witnessed Cigniti achieving CMMi L3 and CMMi L5 in a span of 36 months
  • Cigniti being listed now both in BSE and NSE, thus signifying credibility of Cigniti story in the financial sectors
  • Cigniti is a now brand to recon with, recognised by leading analysts such as Forrester, Gartner, Nelson Hall, and more.  Proud to see Cigniti now in Challenger position in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant
  • Sad moment in last 4 years is to see our dear friend and colleague Sriram Rajaram prematurely pass away
  • It is also sad to see some of the passionate folks from original dream team have moved on, and at the same time, we got a chance to welcome new blood and newer ideas too

Here is the collection of few of the many videos that I had captured during fantastic 4 year stint, that gives a glimpse into what transpired during last 4 years @ Cigniti.  If you really keen on exploring these videos, you would need more than an hour or two


This 2-minute video capsule documents our first day at Cigniti, which also documents first day of our new facility in HiTech City.   We received honour of entering floor (and our office cabins) at a prescribed time which was determined based on our birth star and time, accompanied by our parents and loved ones, amidst holy chants of Vedic hymns by multiple priests.  This has never happened to me, and I doubt it will happen again that easily.  

First Strategy meeting

Cigniti achieves CMMI L3

First adventure, while doing testing advisory consulting for large Enterprise in Canada

Taking a client for a stroll @ Niagara

Cigniti acquires Gallop and welcomes them to Cigniti office

Cigniti’s first annual carnival

Cigniti’s team outing for a Cowboys Thriller

World’s largest zipline in Banning Mills, all while doing a test consulting for a bank, which is now our marquee account

First Thanksgiving Lunch @ Cigniti

Cigniti’s strategy meeting in 2014


Womens’ Day @ Cigniti

Window city for July 4th Independence Day Fireworks @ Cigniti Las Colinas Penthouse Office

Great London Bike Ride, a day after meeting a large airline based in London, which is our marquee client

Another annual carnival @ Cigniti

First client trip to Newzealand, and expeirencing driving around Wellington Bay

Experience of driving on Great Ocean Road, after delivering a key note speech in Melbourne Thought Leadership Event

Cigniti continues to expand; opens another floor @ Ascendas IT Park

Talent recruitment @ TAPMI

First trip to Muscat

Cigniti dream team expands

Living dream of billion Indians, by watching World Cup @ MCG

Another Women’s day event @ Cigniti

Cigniti team (Sales, Delivery, and Pre-Sales) outing

BFSI Conclave in Gola

Bike ride after visitng a Client in Bangkok

Day trip to Barcelona.

Photography club @ Cigniti

Most viral video from Cigniti

Black day @ Cigniti;  We lost Sriram Rajaram

Driving on Bayshore BLVD just after meeting a potential client, who is a now a million USD client

Big Indian Welcome to a very Big Client

Cigniti gets into next league

Hosting roundtable @ FutureTech Canberra

Our team’s ode to HAPPY song

Taking a client on Tuk Tuk ride

Scenic rides around Australia once again

Here are some of the flattering comments that I received on the eve of 4 year anniversary

“Congrats on reaching another milestone, but more importantly for all of the achievements that you’ve made. The difference between what Cigniti looked like when you joined and how it looked today must be tremendous. Even the difference I’ve seen since I’ve joined has been pretty spectacular. Everyone knows ESG plays a huge role in that so kudos to you and team ESG. Can’t wait to see what it looks like in another few years. Congrats again on the journey and hope that it continues to be as exciting and rewarding for you going forward!”

“Congrats for completing 4 years at Cigniti. It means a lot for everyone here. Your contributions are immense. Most importantly, your intent, integrity and ability to question are a great asset to this company. I am sure you will have a bigger role to play now and in the future.”

“Happy Anniversary Sai. Your passion towards Cigniti’s success is amazing :)”

“Congratulations and wishing you many more rewarding years of work.  Your positivity and joy rubs on all of us.”

“Congratulations Sai. Looking forward for many more years enriched not only by your professional experience, but also vibrancy and joy which you bring in through your creative eye turning small events into enriching and ever lasting memories.”

“Hearty congratulations for successfully completing ‘fantastic 4’ years. It’s a great working with you. Your passion, dedication, energy and fastness towards whatever you do is superb.”

“4 years at Cigniti is very long time and I always try to learn the way you manage to keep up the excitement & energy levels.  I am sure, we can have many more successful years taking the shoulder support of each other and the team.  Great journey so far and wishing you all the very best to come.”

“Congratulations Sai C on completing 4 glorious years at Cigniti. It has been super exciting to work with you in multiple instances (BFSI Conclave, FST Gov, multiple PR articles and thought leadership papers) and every time you have made solid impact to our clients and the quality of our collaterals. Most importantly, thanks for providing a solid fun-filled time in my last Australia trip with you.”

“Many many congratulations on completion of 4 fantastic years with Cigniti. It is been an enriching experience working with and learning from you. The energy and passion you bring to the table are just too infectious. Wishing many more successful years at Cigniti.”

“Congratulations!!  You have always played a vital role in the growth of the company and wish you many more successful years at Cigniti. It has been wonderful working with you and thank you for your support.”

“Congratulations on completing 4 years with Cigniti, Sai! You have been a good inspiration to me on how just being open minded and open hearted keeps us happy and healthy.”

“Many many congratulations on completion of 4 fantastic years with Cigniti. It is been a superlative experience working and learning from you. On behalf of every one at Marketing we again congratulate and we wish you many many more glorious years at Cigniti.”

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