The Big Indian Wedding @ Cigniti

Srikanth Chakkilam, Executive Director of Cigniti, is one of the most eligible bachelors in the Cigniti family.  Srikanth got married to Srayva early morning today in Guntur, at Haailand Resorts. Core team that closely works with him and his Dad, started on a entourage to Guntur, which is about 5-hrs driving distance from Hyderabad, on a bus arranged by the Groom’s family. We started at 8AM from our office in the Ascendas campus, and reached the resort at 4PM.  We spent an hour at the resort water park, and then enjoyed wedding festivities until early in the morning, in a leisure format.

It’s been a while, since I have watched a wedding event so closely and intently. The fact that wedding happened at early morning helped, as the wedding guests were limited to the inner circle of the bride and the groom, and got a up close and personal feel to the event. The setup for the wedding was quite exquisite, grand, and yet appeared simple and personal.  Interaction and smiles between the Srikanth and Sravya, appeared that they were enjoying all the rituals, and indicated as if they knew each other for a long time.

This album provide pics from today’s events, starting from our bus ride from Hyderabad to Guntur, and also glimpse of our water park ride and the rain dance too. Scroll all the way to end of the blog for the videos.

Srikanth and Sravya – Perfect Jodi


Got a chance to snap a casual moment, as Sravya shares a laugh with a friend
It’s official at 3:14AM !!
CEO Sudhakar Blesses the couple
Cigniti Team – Nanda, Sai, Sairam, Krishna, Raghav, Nag, Karan, Rahul, and Bramham


Raghav, who is still not satisfied after 1000 solo clicks in one year


Ramana and Radhika Vemuri


Selfie Mania


Bajirao & Kasi Bai from Canberra, Australia 🙂


ahead of Wedding Reception @ N Convention, HYD
ahead of Wedding Reception @ N Convention, HYD, with Rahul Pratti
ahead of Wedding Reception @ N Convention, HYD
GoPro Selfie on the Bus

Keka Dance in the Bus

Rain Dance @ Resort.
GoPro Selfie @ Resort’s Water Slide
Stopped on the road, for Idli Breakfast


Starting for the trip from Ascendas
Stopped enroute for Chai
On high, after drinking Badam Milk :-_
Stopped to purchase Firangi Pani
Makeshift Breakfast Adda for Idli Breakfast

In the midst of busy and crazy journey entourage to Guntur, we found a 45-minute free time slot to explore a solo water slide in the Haiiland resort,  and used the opportunity to experiment with GoPro and possibly do some underwater footage.  Due to lack of use of proper harness, I got toppled over (while still on the slide) with a minor sprain to my shoulder, but I smiled (though with some pain) after seeing the attached footage I was able to capture.

Shiva was able to slide once more with more caution, and captured the footage of the slide.  Highlight of the video is Pradeep’s run amidst water wave.  Here is the 62 second GoPro footage of our water slide for your viewing pleasure

Our team convinced folks at the Haiiland Resort to turn on the rain dance setup with compelling argument and proposition, despite the resort was closed.  Here is the GoPro footage of our team going little high amidst rocking music, just an hour before the pre-wedding reception started.

Since GoPro could not catch the audio properly, I overlaid the video track with my own sound track (sourced from YouTube), since most moves were quite random anyway.   I do not remember anyone of us doing any dance in the real rain earlier.  Everyone rushes inside, whenever there is a rain.  Now folks go out of the way to show their movies, in the artificial rain 🙂

Yes, happy to have reached home, though it took 9 hrs to get home. 

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    I went to few resort out here really awesome expericene thanks for sharing this blog


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