Hyderabad Chai Adda

I had a chance to host my buddies from JNTU who are friends for 3 decades now, for a mini get-together at my home @ Indu Fortune.    We chatted through the night enjoying home made delicacy and pre-ordered Biryani (life is so easy now in HYD, where you can get anything delivered and served home with a single click) and masala curries via Food Panda.  All the discussions in Hyderabad always ends with a chai. Praveen who came to town from NY, wanted a Irani Chai.

Late in the night, I drove them to newly opened Hyderabad Chai Adda, a haven for tea lovers, where they serve few dozen varieties of tea from all over the country.  This place is just about 5 minutes from Cyber Gateway and the place is quite chic and with superior interiors with lots of posters with nice pun intended.  Hence the excuse for a mini ‘chai’ blog, to make up for missing blog last weekend :-). Though interiors are nicely done, we hardly saw any crowd for two reasons, I am guessing (too late in the night, and precise location of the adda was not so hip).  Choice of food was great, and price were affordable and attractive for all types of crowd.  Masala Chai was priced INR 25. Exotic chai was priced around INR 125.

Finally, we ended the night at 2AM.  Yes, I woke up at 7AM (as pledged to Radhika) for morning yoga.

Happy Valentine Day all.   Another big day today, as we celebrate the event with entire family.

TV Advt that inspired me to visit this place.

Full pics can be seen below.







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