Another 36 hours in Kuala Lumpur

I spent another 36 hours in Kuala Lumpur, this time to meet both our current clients and business prospects.  I was here for about 36 hours during previous visit too, which was almost one year ago, and resulted closure of an engagement with a large low cost airlines. I had blogged that story @ ’36 Hours in Kuala Lumpur”  This visit was also super busy meeting CIO and CEOs of large Enterprises, each of which had a great story and presence in their market space.  It was one of the most fulfilling and productive visits in the recent times.

We stayed at Fraser Residence which was pretty slick and was 39-floor high, and just few minutes drive from famous Petronas towers. I was shocked to see the pricing of the hotel room to be 1/4th of what I had paid in Coorg just a week ago.  Like they all say these days, vacationing outside India turning to more affordable than going to a place just in our backyard.  CK and I went to the 39th floor of our hotel, which had a yoga suite and sky gym and offered almost ‘unobstructed’ view of KL Tower and Petronas towers.   CK and I took few snaps, before we started for our big meetings, as if we are doing a ode to the towers before the meetings.

I am sure with might come back for some business closures very soon.


View from SKY GYM which is on 39th Floor


View from SKY GYM which is on 39th Floor


View from SKY GYM which is on 39th Floor
Chandra Kant – Our own CK


Night Time View from SKY GYM


While returning to the airport, I asked my Cabbie to stop at a place, where i can get an full view of the towers.  He stopped at a small street, from where I took following pics.

IMG_3407 IMG_3409 IMG_3422 IMG_3425

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