Connecting with Nature

I had written spending a day with an IT FARMER ‘Venky Talla” who is on a mission to create a greener planet. This Saturday, I had spent both day and night with him, along with my college buddies (Venky, Dayakar, Dakshnina Murty, Srinivas, Narsanna, and Anil) from JNTU at Green Acres farm outside Hyderabad. It was an amazing experience to spend time with buddies who I known them for precisely 10,000 days, and get back to the roots. As soon as we entered the farm, we experienced a power outage which actually compelled us to get back to the roots.

We cooked food (though we could have driven few miles to the city) using Gas (generated using gober gas plant based on manure from the farm), lit the old fashioned camp fire (collecting dry figs on our own), had mid night chai, slept under the stars and had perfect view of saturn, mars, venus and plethora of stars, woke up to old fashioned alarm sounds by farm life, took the walk around the farm in the morning to learn how Venky spent his 700 weekends so far,  to create one of the lonely green patches in the vicinity though entire region is supposed to be arid, whipped fresh omelettes using ingredients from the farm.

Read up my old blog on Venky’s story and mission. Browse the current blog to see the visuals, listen to the folk songs sang by Narsanna, and get to know our own Sreemanthudu.   Story continue to evolve.

My attempted to plan to do star trail photography has failed, due to power shutdown, and I haven’t had a chance to fully explore the concept on youtube and learn various camera settings.  I am sure to come back to the firm one of the upcoming new moon days and try the star trail photography



In absolute darkness, enjoying self lit campfire



Narsanna seranading folk song ‘Yellanna”.  Click the below PLAY button.

Our own bar lit by torch light hanged to a branch
Cooking under candle light
Lit by Gober Gas


Candle Light Cooking Video

Midnight Omelette


Another song from our buddy Narsanna.

Sleeping under the stars, with clear sight to Mars, Venus, Saturn and Jupiter
Late Night Chai


Narsanna serenading this time with popular song ‘Kodi Paye Lachhammadhi”.  Click the below PLAY button

Another song, again by Narsanna.

Early morning camp fire


Tree House


Open Kitchen



Starting from home..
Dry region (cotton farming) outside green acres


Another camp fire song by Narsanna amidst candle light under the stars

Video clip sent by Praveen singing the custom tune while driving in Long Island (NY) and sent it to us on WhatsApp, and joined the camp fire remotely


8 thoughts on “Connecting with Nature

  1. Hi Sai,

    You have really shared a lovely experience. I am waiting to come back to India and spend some time in a farm cooking and eating country chicken and would avoid being chased by farm dogs when I try to steal mango’s or whatever would comes handy. Mind you stealing is just for thrill experience.

    with regards,


  2. Sai, Please convey my heartiest congratulations and best regards to Venky, who is living his dream, helping the nature and striving to bring the much needed dignity and glory to the agriculture / farming sector. Thanks for sharing this article. You have fine crafted the art of narration and have captured the imagination of the reader by your choice of words such as ” .. sleeping under the stars..” Hats off to you. You should seriously consider transforming the articles on your blog into a book of short stories (inspired by real life events and stories).


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