I was in Gold Coast last Thursday along with couple of more folks more Cigniti, to meet our client and record a video testimonial of customer raving about us on how we work with them. They were located just about 15 minutes’ drive from Surfers Paradise Blvd. We landed in Brisbane around Noon, and drove about two hours to reach Gold Coast and spent 3 hours at client’s office. So, we just had about two hours of day light left to walk around the beach lookout area, watch the sunset, and chill out with a drink (which was purchased via drive through BMC). Yes, closest thing to surfing we have done in Surfers Paradise is surfing on our cell phone catching up with emails and chatting on WhatsApp, or watch few folks surfing in far away distance.

Our drive to Gold Coast, drive around Brisbane (Coochiemudlo, Mt Koot-Cha) while returning to airport, has been captured on my usual suspects (GoPro and 6D) which is documented in the weekend blog, though little late

Yes, My Mac air has been revived from coma and all (both me and my Mac) is well now :-).  That story to be written separately.



GC Downtown


Sunset on the way to Mt Koot Cha


GC Downtown from Look Out


Australian Chai


Closest things to Surfing on Surfers Paradise Blvd



Ferry Entrance to Coochiemudlow Island



View of Brisbsane City from Mt Koot Cha




Evening View of Brisbane City from Mt. Koot Cha

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