Melbourne Street Walk

I have realized that Mac Air is not going to reboot, just 10 minutes before I was about to touch down in MEL.   My dreaded fear became a reality, when my Mac failed to reboot and was in a loop of getting stuck during the login process.  I went to local Mac store (run by someone else), and got a generic / cold response, ‘Leave it with us, we will let you know in 5 business days’.   Frantic Google search on Mobile gave endless inconclusive consensus on what to do next.  Quick call to home indicate my last external back up was dated Aug 2015.  I have asked Revanth to keep that disc in a nuclear disaster proof shell until I touch down in Hyderabad.  I do have a time machine which should have backed up my data before I took off from HYD, but never tested its ‘’recovery process” and may not also remember the password for recovery.  I have imagined worst-case situation of losing all the data from 25 years, and felt I never existed on this planet and became philosophical for a while and contemplated what’s happening in my life and almost reaching ‘nirvana’ moment.  Then I went to Krispy Kreme, and got back all my energy and hope but lost the nirvana moment.

Coincidentally, Flinders St was just about 10 seconds walk from the Mac Store.  We walked around the street for about 15 minutes, and observed interesting (not really fascinating) street art.  Lane was much smaller that I had imagined.  I could smell fresh spray pain, and then I saw few folks doing the spray pain.  Only 20% or less of the art that we saw was interesting and fascinating.   There were many abstract and chaotic images, reflecting what’s happening around us.   There wasn’t Ganesha street art, which I saw on the net.  I guess, street art in this line is subject to constant change, given the flow of spray paint and street art enthusiasts.

Here are few raw images that I clicked as we walked around the Melbourne Streets, for about one hour or less.  Then my local and almost Australian buddy says, “Let’s go have a beer”.  Beer is like ‘’Chai”, and someone always says “Let’s have a beer “once in 30 minutes, specially if clock ticks past 5PM or may be earlier too



View from Yarra River Walk
View from Yarra River Walk




View from Yarra River Walk



Not a painting. I found them near the Yarra stream



Awesome View from Cigniti’s office on Collin’s Street

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