Booroomba Rocks Expedition

Anil and I had touched down in SYD around 8PM on Saturday (after 12 hrs of flying, and 2 hrs of transit time). After a long immigration queue (due to summer vacation, and amidst several dozens of cranky and tired and crying infants), we got out of the airport at 9PM. It took another 30 minutes to pick up the rental car at Europcar. We chose to drive to Canberra, which was 3 hrs and 300KMs away, as it made economical sense. Round-trip for CBR was $1200 for two of us, and car rental for 5 days was $300. I thought, it would also give an opportunity to drive around Aussie region on the road (below pics would justify the safe), though driving 3-hrs after 12 hrs of flying was absolutely ridiculous. To add spice to our adventure, it was raining a bit and it was dark.

On the positive side, I had driven earlier in Melbourne, and it was driving ‘Indian Way” (i.e., on the left side of the road, not in terms of haphazard driving) so mental re-orientation is not needed.   Anil and I took the turns and made it in 3 ½ hrs instead of 3 hours (as we missed an exit at roundabouts) and got several honks (and few yelling) on the way (possibly due to lack of adherence to right to way or driving slow in high speed lane). Shyam from my team was waiting at his apartment in Canberra, with freshly made lemon rice, and multiple vegetable curries. It’s always good to be at the places, where at least someone knows your name. I woke up at 11AM next day, and already had a new adventure in mind. It was related to steep walking around granite rocks of Booroomba in Namadgi National Park region. It was just one hour from our apartment.

Booroomba Rocks is a granite climbing area in Namadgi National Park, in the Australian Capital Territory, particularly noted for its slab climbing. The rocks are divided into several areas, the most prominent being North Buttress, Middle Rocks, and South Buttress. The area was first approached from Booroomba Station. However, it was not until Honeysuckle Creek Tracking Station, and the associated Apollo Road were opened, that the area became feasible as a climbing area (Source: Wiki)

Our (Me, Shyam, and Anil) walk started at the Booroomba Rocks Car Park some 3-km along a gravel road branching off the Apollo Road, where we stopped on the shoulder of the road, took awesome HDR pics that can be seen below. A formed walking track from the car park leads to the top of Booroomba Rocks for views into the Blue Gum Creek area of Namadgi and the Tuggeranong Valley.  There was no sign of life in the region, and definitely not a place to walk alone.  Certain portion of the walk had a steep 200-m plus climb. Based on the level of fitness you have, one may have to stop several places gasping for breath.

It felt as if we were walking forever.  However, views at the end of the trek are simply awesome and overall effort is well worth it.The platform on top of the rocks is a good place for a rest break with awesome views. We were told, rock climbers can often be seen scaling the 200-m high granite cliffs of Booroomba Rocks. We did not find anyone at that time. We spent good time savoring the views, and taking cool pics. Overall walking distance is about 4-km round trip and would take about 3 to 4 hours. Experience was thrilling, spiritual, and meditative.   You can check out the link to the 3-min video and snaps, which is provided below to re-live what we have been through in just about 6 on a beautiful Sunday in Canberra, Australia.

Today I was in our Cigniti office in Canberra, and had mentioned to them about our expedition on Sunday.  Most of them  (local Australians) said they never heard about this place, and were inquiring source of my information.

99% of the pics shot on CANON 6D

Panoramic pic shot on HTC DESIRE EYE

Video is shot on GOPRO Hero 4 and processed in iMovie


This place is pretty meditative and spirtiual
This place is pretty meditative and spirtiual


On the edge
On the edge

IMG_1095 IMG_1086



Not really on top of the world :-)
Not really on top of the world 🙂
On the way to Booroomba Rocks !!
On the way to Booroomba Rocks !!


Somewhere on the outback !!
Somewhere on the outback !!


Somewhere on the outback !!
Somewhere on the outback !!
HDR Processed Image
HDR Processed Image

Selfie on GOPRO

Selfie on GOPRO Hero 4


2015-11-15 15.43.202015-11-15 15.44.56

Pics taken from top of Mount Anisle, just 10 minutes from City Centre


2015-11-18 19.01.18
Panoramic pic shot on HTC DESIRE EYE

I met a local Australian at Mount Ainslie today, and noticed that he is doing time-lapse capture. He had harnessed camera to the metallic railing at the viewpoint, and was taking snaps for 50 minutes. He had just finished 5 minutes when I said hello to him. I asked if he is going to post it on his blog or FB.  He said, he does it on instagram. I asked him to send me his time-lapse video and gave my card to him.  Now I have a habit of talking to fellow photographers around the world, as there is a common connection.  Like all random smokers freely talk to each other in the lobbies outside offices or all over the world.  As promised, Paul sent his video as soon he went home and compiled the time lapse.

You can his link below






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