Dasara 2015

As usual, all members of the clan met at Dad’s place to seek blessing of extended family, had a good family time, and enjoyed khandaan delicacies. We spent around 4 to 5 hours way past 11PM. However, as the clock ticked midnight, kids realized that next birthday event which is due next day for Sharada and Akshaya, quickly arranged for the cake, and streamed trendy birthday songs on home theatre catching birthday girl “Akshaya” fully off-guard, who got fully emotional and overwhelmed with family Hungama. All of it can be seen in 2 ½ min glimpse via below video link 

I have caught up with many movies this holiday weekend.  Kanchi is one of them. “Kanche” (meaning ‘Fence” in English) a Telugu movie made by Gamyam famed ‘Krish’. There are several things that I liked about this movie. Non-linear screenplay (and brilliant analogy between human conflicts across different geographies), awesome lyrics by sitarama sastry (specially the background track during the conflicts) which actually might need a telugu dictionary to relish the metaphors used in the lyrics, return of legendary actors Maruthi Rao and Shavukaru Janaki, awesome cinematography and pretty realistic visuals of battle scenes (specially in a regional movie), solid star cast, effective background music and more. I never thought I would see traces of movies Pearl Harbour, Saving Private Ryan in a Telugu movie, and did not expect such a movie in this decade from Telugu Film Industry. It is a must watch to encourage such brave attempts from filmmakers like Krish. I wish flick this becomes a commercial hit to encourage folks to take such a brave attempt

Birthday Girls – Sharada @ Akshaya

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